Beach Clean Up Programme Continues in Devon

Over the weekend P1 Marine Foundation joined Powerboat P1 for their race event in sunny Torbay to help raise awareness of the marine environment amongst the competitors and spectators.

Torbay has been designated as a Marine Conservation Zone since 2013 and has an amazing diversity of marine life. Dolphins and seals are frequent visitors to the Bay and the Foundation team were lucky enough to spot a giant Barrel jellyfish in Torquay marina during the weekend.

To help protect the wildlife in the Bay, P1 Marine Foundation partnered with Living Coasts, a coastal zoo and aquarium located in Torquay, for a beach clean up during the weekend.

Litter on the beaches harms wildlife mainly through entanglement and ingestion, and affects coastal communities by contamination and health hazards. Beach clean ups can make a huge difference by minimising waste on the beach and by helping to educate people of its negative impacts.

Volunteers who took part collected and recorded waste to support the Marine Conservation Society beachwatch programme. The data will be used for their ongoing records to find a long term solution to the problem.

P1 Marine Foundation will be joining Powerboat P1 at their next event in Gosport at the beginning of September when schools activity will be added to the programme.

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