P1 Marine Foundation announces new ambassador in USA

London 7th April: Following its launch in the United States earlier this year, P1 Marine Foundation has announced the appointment of its first ambassador, Ashley Sponaugle.

Ashley is the Assistant Director for BLUE Ocean Film Festival (www.blueoceanfilmfestival.org) and an enthusiastic P1 Aqua X racer (www.p1aquax.com). In her new role she will promote environmental responsibility as part of the Foundation's programme in the USA.

“We are delighted that Ashley has joined us; she is a perfect fit for the Foundation as she is passionate about helping to protect the marine environment and actively supports environmental stewardship.” said Sabrina Taseer, P1 Marine Foundation's Projects Manager

Speaking from her home in Tampa, Ashley said: "Playing on the ocean is one of the most centering and relaxing activities I know of, especially in the midst of today’s stresses. For me, all I need is the water, sunshine, a bikini, and the occasional race helmet! To preserve our ocean playgrounds for the future, it is in everyone’s best interest to adopt the most environmentally savvy boating practices.

Just because I go racing, it doesn't automatically mean I am harmful to the environment. By adopting smarter habits, we can not only protect, but IMPROVE the environment we love! Conscientious boating just takes a little bit of education. As a P1 racer, I feel it is my responsibility to educate and excite fellow water lovers to adopt the best practices while out on the water."

In the coming year, Ashley will focus on the Foundation's events and campaigns in Florida.

Follow Ashley on Twitter here:@Asponaugle