Lift Off For P1 Marine Foundation Beach Clean Up

Azam Rangoonwala, P1 SuperStock Director

Azam Rangoonwala, P1 SuperStock Director

On Saturday P1 Marine Foundation and Keep Brevard Beautiful joined forces to stage a Beach Clean Up on Florida’s Space Coast.

With help from P1 SuperStock staff (, volunteers were equipped with buckets and litter pickers, and spent nearly 2 hours cleaning up the beach in Jetty Park, Port Canaveral.

Participants were asked to record the items that were picked up which included cigarette buds, cans, plastic bottles and small plastic pieces. The data will be sent to the Ocean Conservancy and used as part of their Trash Free Seas programme which works to stop the flow of litter at its source.

Beach clean ups are an established part of the Foundation’s coastal activity, as one of the most serious threats to marine wildlife is waste. Many marine animals consume marine litter by mistake, as it often looks similar to their natural prey. Bulky plastic debris may become permanently lodged in the digestive tracts of these animals, blocking the passage of food and causing death through starvation or infection. Tiny floating plastic particles also resemble zooplankton, which can lead filter feeders to consume them and cause them to enter the ocean food chain.

Florida’s Space Coast boast beaches with some of the most abundant sea turtles nesting areas in the world. The area is also unique in that it has more than 250 square miles of federally protected wildlife refuges with spectacular landscapes and a rich diversity of rare and endangered plants and animals which include dolphins and manatees.

Keep Brevard Beautiful is a registered not-for-profit organisation with the mission to motivate and educate business, school, group and individual partnerships to reduce litter, recycle, landscape, and beautify for the environmental and economic benefit of Brevard County.

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Azam Rangoonwala, P1 SuperStock Director
Mike Tomlinson, P1 SuperStock Officer of the day
James Durbin, Powerboat P1 CEO
Mark Austin, Medical and Safety Director
Azam Rangoonwala, P1 SuperStock Director