P1 Marine Foundation Beach Clean

As part of the International Beach Clean Weekend, P1 Marine Foundation will be taking part and joining many other organisations in helping to restore our marine environment. We have created a beach clean event so that you can sign up and be actively involved.

Marine litter is one of the biggest threats to marine life and to nearby coastal communities. 90% of marine litter that floats on the surface of the water is plastic. Plastic pollution in the oceans has caused several ‘garbage patches’ to appear. The biggest patch can be found in the Pacific Ocean and estimated to be the size of Texas.

Marine debris damages wildlife mainly through entanglement and ingestion, and affects coastal communities by contamination and health hazards. We can help to reduce marine litter by minimising waste on the beach and educating others on its negative impacts.

Marine and coastal litter is a global problem that requires global as well as local action. Volunteers who join in for our Beach Clean will be provided with equipment. Litter will be recycled where necessary and every item recorded on data sheets.

Join us for our Beach Clean Event on Friday 14th September on Chesil Beach in Weymouth, UK at 11.00am. To register please follow the link below:

P1 Marine Foundation Beach Clean Event