Plymouth Beach Clean

P1 Marine Foundation and National Marine Aquarium joined forces on Sunday 20th May for a beach clean event which involved P1 SuperStock teams and volunteers removing the waste on the beach outside the Aquarium in Plymouth, UK.

Over 8 bin bags worth of marine debris were collected and results recorded on data sheets showed that 620 tiny pieces of plastic were picked up. One of the most serious threats to our oceans is plastic, as plastic pieces are eaten by marine life, washed up on beaches or break down into microscopic plastic dust, attracting more debris. Around 267 species around the world are harmed by plastic. 44% of seabirds, 43% of ocean mammals, and 86% of sea turtles ingest or become tangled in plastic.

Every piece of plastic ever made still exists today and around 46,000 pieces of plastic waste can be found floating in every square mile of the ocean.

Sadly we go through at least 10 million plastic bags worldwide and it is reported that we will add a further 14 billion pounds of rubbish to our oceans.

We are currently working with Powerboat P1 to establish environmental initiatives at their SuperStock events. An important part of this activity is raising awareness about marine litter within its community and key audiences.

However, we can all make a difference by taking responsibility for our rubbish and helping to keep our seas and coastlines free from waste by taking part in beach clean activities.