2016 Coast Explorer

Marine Environment and Renewable Energy Education programme

“You are never too young to start engaging and interacting with habitats and wildlife, and this innovative education programme involving youngsters in outdoor learning combines marine ecology and renewable energy. The interactive sessions feature conservation and climate change, highlighting the need for personal responsibility and a change of behaviour in these crucial areas.”
Dr Trevor Dixon, Marine Pollution Specialist, ACOPS

P1 Marine Foundation aims to create strong links with young people from any background by providing them with the opportunity to develop a relationship with the coastal and marine environment.

Coast Explorer is designed to show how important it is that we protect our marine and coastal environment by delivering interactive hands-on activities and sessions on coastal habitats, conservation and renewable energy. It is important that the next generation understand the importance of these natural resources, how they can be used and how they can be protected and conserved in the future.

This Programme takes young people from schools and youth groups to the coast to give them a unique experience in the outdoors by educating them about the coastal environment, its threats, offshore wind power and highlight the importance of personal responsibility.

Following the success of the pilot project, we staged a Programme in summer 2014 with over 500 students aged 9-13 taking part. With the support of The Crown Estate, Vattenfall and Canterbury City Council, P1 Marine Foundation was able to cover all costs for the trips including transport and sessions.

If you are a school based in Kent or London and would like more information on the programme please click on the link below:

If would like to take part please contact Sabrina Taseer on 0207 258 8436 or email at sabrina@p1marinefoundation.com.

For more photos from our pilot project please head to our Facebook page here: