Blue Future

Blue Future launch event

Blue Future is an exciting and essential programme aimed at encouraging and inspiring school students to explore opportunities for a career within the marine environmental sector by highlighting its diversity and rewards.

Blue Future will launch at the University of Greenwich on Wednesday 8th March 2017. This one day event is aimed at showcasing the variety of environmental affiliated careers available in the marine industry to London school students who are interested in exploring and developing a career in this field. The event with include presentations from professionals, institutes and societies from a range of areas including marine engineering, policy, conservation and ecology.

The event aims to:

• Deliver a marine environment careers platform for school students
• Showcase the diversity of opportunities available in the marine sector
• Provide access to professional and personal advice for participants
• Exhibit exclusive marine environment research

How to attend

If you would like to attend the event as a school group or organisation please contact us to book a place:
0207 258 8436


The marine environment is home to a diverse range of unique ecosystems each of which has a specific function within the balance. It provides half of the oxygen we breathe as well as food and jobs for billions, with the UK having over 8,000 different marine species and important seabird populations.

However there are still many threats to this natural resource and therefore it is vital that we educate the next generation about the importance of conserving it and provide an opportunity to showcase its unique and varied career opportunities within the marine industry.

The UK marine industries include companies ranging from SMEs up to globally recognised names and include over 5,000 companies across the UK. It employs 531,000 people directly and indirectly, contributing more than £26.5 billion each year to the UK economy.